Схема магнинафона сатурн

схема магнинафона сатурн
The two shows together boasted in excess of 1.6 million square feet of exhibits. In 1997, the National Tire Dealers & Retreaders (NTDRA) trade show was combined with the SEMA Show. Sheldon Konblett also developed the design for the SEMA trophies, which have come to symbolize product innovation and excellence in the industry. In 1979, Nile Cornelison began plans for his Innovations Day seminars program, which has since become one of the major annual association programs. The following year, Innovations Day was a smashing success and featured Lee A. Iacocca as the keynote speaker. Never before had any activity held on the day prior to the Show’s opening attracted anything near the more than 460 who attended.

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