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Sport in our life

Good health is a great blessing. Everyone should do all he can to stay healthy. Being in good health means having both body and mind in good working order free from disease and pain. As they say: “A sound mind in a sound body”.

All sorts of physical exercises are very helpful to make our bodies strong as well as to keep us well mentally. So if we want to keep ourselves fit, we have to go in for sports or games.

Many people do sports on their personal initiative. They do morning exercises, jog in the morning and train themselves in clubs and different sections and take part in sport competitions. All necessary facilities are provided for them: stadiums, sport grounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, skiing stations, football grounds.

Other people like sports too, but they only watch sports games, listen to sports news. They prefer reading interesting stories about sportsmen. But they don’t go in for sports.

Sport is paid much attention to in our educational establishments. Physical culture is a compulsory subject at schools and colleges.

My favourite sport is swimming. I go to the swimming pool twice a week, but I prefer to rest by the lake or river and swim there. I also attended volleyball, basketball and table tennis sections. Because those games need mobility, liveliness and much energy. It keeps a person in good form.
Опубликована: 20.10.2011
Автор: andrej

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Ukrainian writer
Ukrainian literature contains a lot of glorious names. Among them one can name Taras Shevshenko, Pavlo Zagrebelny, Lesia Ukrainka, Lina Kostenko and others. But it’s a pity but I’ll to admit that Ukrainian writers and poets are not well-known in the country. In my own opinion this can be explained by the fact of poor popularity of Ukrainian literature in general. But especially nowadays much is being done to make it known to everybody who wishes to learn something about the Ukrainian writers and poets.
I would like to tell you about outstanding Ukrainian poet – Vasyl Simonenko. His name became known not so long ago. He represents the generation of the Ukrainian progressive poets and writers.
He was born on the 8th of January in 1935 to a poor family in a small Ukrainian village not far from Poltava. According to his mother recollections he was the brightest pupil at school. The family couldn’t afford giving the boy a proper education. He managed to study only 5 years at school in the village where he lived. And them he had to go to the village that was nine kilometres away from his house. At this school he was the brightest and the poorest one.
Vasyl had a great thirst for knowledge, he was a great lover of books. He left school with distinction. When he was a boy he decided to devote his life to people by writing about everything he experienced and knew. He wrote poems, fables and short stories for children. His works are full of love for his motherland and people. In one of his poems he wrote: “I live for you, I came from you, I’ll go into you”. He died very young in 1963 in Cherkassy.
andrej 16.01.2012 18:34  # 
The Geographical Location of Great Britain

The full and official name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The United Kingdom is situated on the British Isles. The British Isles consist of two large islands, Great Britain and Ireland and a great number of small islands. Their total area is over 244,000 square kilometres.
The British Isles are separated from the European continent by the North Sea and the English Channel. The western coast of Great Britain is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.
Northern Ireland occupies one third of the island of Ireland. It borders on the Irish Republic in the south.
The island of Great Britain consists of three main parts: England (the southern and middle part of the island), Wales (a mountainous peninsula in the West) and Scotland (the northern part of the island).
Most of the rivers flow into the North Sea. The Thames is the deepest and the longest of the British rivers. Some of the British greatest ports are situated in the estuaries of the Thames, Mersey, Tyne, Clyde and Bristol Avon.
Great Britain is not very rich in mineral resources; it has some deposits of coal and iron ore and vast deposits of oil and gas that were discovered in the North Sea.
Great Britain has few mineral resources. Coal and oil are the most important of them. Much of the country is under cultivation and about 20% of the land is covered by National Parks and others countryside conservation areas. Great Britain is one of the leading countries in the world. It has highly developed motorcar, shipbuilding, textile, and chemical and electronics industries which are centered in such cities as London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.
Great Britain is also famous for its woolens industry. English wool is exported to many countries.
andrej 28.11.2011 02:57  # 

The Constitution outlines the structure of the national government and specifies its powers and duties. Under the Constitution the powers of the government are divided into three branches - the legislative which consists of the Verhovna Rada, the executive, headed by the President, and the judicial, which is led by the Supreme Court.

The parliament - the Verhovna Rada is the only body of the legislative power in Ukraine. There are 450 peoples deputies who are elected for a term of four years on the basis of universal, equal suffrage by the secret ballot.

The Verhovna Rada`s main function is making laws. Law drafting work is performed by its Committees.

The Verhovna Rada adopts the State Budget for the period from January 1 to December 31 and controls the execution of it. The monetary unit of Ukraine is the Hrivnia.

The President of Ukraine is the head of the state and speaks on behalf of it. He is elected directly by the voters for a term of five years with no more then two full terms.

The highest body of the executive power is the Cabinet of Ministers. It is responsible to the President and is accountable to the Verhovna Rada. It carries out domestic and foreign policy of the State, the fulfilment of the Constitution, as well as the acts of the President, develops and fulfils national programs on the economic, scientific and technological, social and cultural development of Ukraine.

Justice in Ukraine is exercised entirely by courts. It is administered by the Constitution Court and by courts of general jurisdiction. The Supreme Court of Ukraine is the highest juridical body of general jurisdiction.


Конституция описывает в общих чертах структуру национального правительства и определяет его полномочия и обязанности. Согласно Конституции полномочия правительства разделены на три ветви - законодательное, которое состоит из Верховной Рады, исполнительная, возглавляемого президентом, и судебная, возглавляемая Верховным Судом.

Парламент - Верховна Рада является единственным органом законодательной власти в Украине. 450 народных депутатов избраны на термин до четырех лет на основе универсального, равного избирательного права тайным голосованием.

Главная функция Верховной Рады создавать законы. Закон, проектирующий работу, выполнен ее Комитетами.

Верховна Рада принимает государственный бюджет на период с 1 января до 31 декабря и контролирует его выполнение. Денежно-кредитная единица Украины - гривна.

Президент Украины - глава государства и говорит от его имени. Он избран непосредственно избирателями на термин пяти лет но не более 2 сроков.

Наивысший орган исполнительной власти - Кабинет Министров. Кабинет Министров подчинен президенту и отчитывается перед Верховной Радой. Кабинет Министров контролирует внутреннюю и внешнюю политику государства, соблюдение Конституции, так же как действия президента, развивает и выполняет национальные программы по экономическому, научному и технологическому, социальному и культурному развитию Украины.

Правовая система в Украине осуществлено судами. Правовой система управляется Конституционным Судом и судами общей юрисдикции. Верховный Суд Украины - самое высокое юридический орган юрисдикции.
dima 14.11.2011 12:27  # 
Мое хобби

О вкусах не спорят. Разным людям нравятся разные вещи, поэтому у разных людей различные хобби.
Я занимаюсь спортом, Мне нравится играть в теннис. Я играю в теннис каждый день. Спорт является важной частью нашей жизни. Много людей увлекаются спортом, они бегают, занимаются ходьбой, плавают, катаются на коньках и лыжах, тренируются в клубах и различных спортивных секциях.
Физическая культура — важный предмет в школе. Ученики играют в волейбол, футбол, баскетбол. Я играю в теннис уже 5 лет. Теннис стал очень популярен сейчас. Я принимаю участие во многих соревнованиях.
Чтобы поддерживать хорошую форму, я бегаю каждое утро и делаю утреннюю зарядку. Каждый человек должен делать все возможное, чтобы оставаться здоровым, и должен выбрать спорт, который его интересует. Я не понимаю людей, которые говорят, что им нравится спорт, а между тем они смотрят его только по телевизору.
Если заниматься спортом, то чувствуешь себя намного лучше, выглядишь намного лучше, спишь намного лучше. Твое тело тоже изменится. Ты станешь стройнее и изящнее. Но еще более важно — ты не будешь часто болеть.
Почему я занимаюсь спортом? Потому что я считаю, что для мужчины очень важно быть сильным и хорошо сложенным. Спорт не для слабых, потому что там нужно научиться проигрывать, а это не всегда легко. В моей любимой поговорке говорится: "В здоровом теле — здоровый дух".
andrej 25.10.2011 02:58  # 
My attitude towards studying a foreign language
A person who has a good command of a foreign language fells at ease not only in his native country but abroad, too, if he finds himself there. I know this on my first hand. Here is a familiar quotation of Johnson’s: “Language is the dress of thought”, and the knowledge of two or more languages will help us to “dress” our thoughts better still.
Learning foreign languages is especially important nowadays. Some people learn foreign languages because they need them in their work others travel abroad, for the third studying languages is a hobby.
Every year thousands of people from our country go to different countries as tourists or to work. They can not go without knowing the language of the country they are going to.
English is one of the world languages. It is the language of progressive science and technology, trade and cultural relations, commerce and business. It is the universal language of international aviation, shipping and sports. It is also the major language of diplomacy. Hundreds and hundreds of books, magazines and newspapers are printed in English, most of the world’s mail and telephone calls are in English. Half of the world’s scientific literature is written in English. English is spoken by more than 350 million people. It is the official language of the UK, the USA, of Australia and New Zealand, it is used as one of the official languages in Canada, the South Africa. Millions of people study and use English as a foreign language. In our country English is very popular. It is studied at schools, colleges and universities.
Learning English is not an easy thing. It is a long process and takes a lot of time and patience. But to know English today is absolutely necessary for every educated person. I want to know English because it’s interesting for me to know foreign countries, their cultures and tradition. English will be of great use in my future profession connected with computers.
andrej 20.10.2011 19:33  # 
My Hobbies
I have some free time not only on Sundays and on my holidays, but also on weekdays. And as soon as I have a spare minute, I devote it to my hobbies. Tastes differ. Different people like different things, different people have different hobbies. I have four hobbies, so to speak. They are reading, listening to music, computer and going in for sports.
As for reading, I enjoy it very much. And it doesn’t matter what kind of book it is. It can be a collection of short stories, an interesting novel or a book of poems. I equally enjoy them all. But there’s one thing that matters. When I choose a book for reading, it shouldn’t be dull but interesting. But I highly appreciate only those books that can teach me something or can make me think about the problem, raised in the book.
Speaking about music I can’t help saying that music is an essential part of my daily life. I live with music. I’m reading, doing homework, morning exercises, and work about the house to music. I’m fond of modern music and I can’t point out one certain style of music, I enjoy them all, including pop, rock, metal, techno, rave, rap, hip-hop and others. I’m also fond of different ballads because they are very melodious and tender.
In my daily life I use computer technologies that help me to be in course of all events in the world thanks for Internet. Computer helps me to make reports and homework. I write small computer programs, collection CD, when I have free time I like discover Internet.
Besides, I go in for sports. I go to the swimming pool twice a week, but I prefer to rest by the lake or river and swim there. I also attended volleyball, basketball and table tennis sections. As for me sport helps me to keep fit and always to be in good shape. I can’t imagine my life without sport.
So, I think that my leisure time is quite variable. I’m not bored and always have a good mood.
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